Thursday, 10 April 2014

What is Limbs for Life? What is Walk of Hope?

Limbs For Life is a welfare project of Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (BUBS) that offers FREE prosthetic limbs to Malaysian amputees from poor or underprivileged background, regardless of race and religion. 

Walk of HOPE is a community event which is organized by BUDDY (Bandar Utama Dhamma Duta Youth) to support Limbs For Life.  

There will be a 7km run and a 2km amputee walk along. We hope that by coming together to run and to walk side-by-side with the amputees, we are able to inspire other amputees to see that living a normal and meaningful life is achievable despite their disability. 

We believe that many amputees are able-bodied and mentally sound people whose lives have taken a turn for the worse due to unfortunate circumstances and we would like to show our support and offer a gift of hope, independence and self dignity through Limbs For Life. 

Walk of hope is our way of showing support, giving encouragement and raising funds for them. Also, with prosthetic limbs, these amputees can go on to live a full, independent and productive life. We believe that each and everyone in the community has a part to play and when each member of the community is able to realise its full potential, ultimately the society and country will benefit.

Life is precious and you are here to lend a hand to offer amputees an opportunity for a second chance at life. :) 

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